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What Was The Dispersion?

One of the themes of the book of James is that his audience was suffering persecution, and we know this because of the word Dispersion. ...

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James: The Skeptical Brother of Jesus

James was the brother of Jesus and the author of the Book of James. Historically, he has been called James the Just. He was also the pastor of the church in Jerusalem. But for now, I will share about him as a little brother, a skeptical brother at that....

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Servant of Who?

We talked about James being a servant. When a person is a servant that means he or she is serving someone. Do you remember what the text for today says about the person that James was serving?...

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Identity = Servant

If you were to introduce yourself to someone for the first time, how would you describe yourself? Would you say something like, “Hi there! My name is ______ and I am in ___ grade!” Or, “Hi there! My name is ______ and I am from ______.”...

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The Brother of Jesus

Do you have brothers and/or sisters? What would you think if one of them told you that they were the one and only Son or Daughter of God? Would you believe them?...

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The Point of the Book of James

Have you ever heard someone say, “Walk the walk, don’t just talk the talk.” If you haven’t, what do you think it might mean?...

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LET’S DO THIS - Introduction to a New Teaching Series

Introduction to a New Teaching Series LET'S DO THIS is a verse by verse teaching series through the book of James designed to help cultivate a life of personal holiness that is Christ-centered in every regard! My hope is that in this teaching series to provide both quality audio and written resources that would aid your understanding of God's word in the book of James...

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Giving to God

Merry Christmas! Last night we all gathered to hear God’s word, sing, and fellowship. My son Sam had been saving up his allowance so that he could give. No one asked him to do this, but he wanted to. He has been talking about it for the last two weeks. His gift was the lion’s share of all that he has....

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The Star of Joy

What is there to be joyful about on Christmas if your heart is overwhelmed with business? What is there to be joyful about if there is no family to share it? What is there to be joyful about if finances or health is failing? Steady yourself, Christian. ...

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Come to Worship Him

It might sound crazy to leave your home in search of a king, but the wise men studied the stars and scriptures and then made a decision. They would travel a great distance to come and worship a newborn King. Their honesty is strikingly bold. ...

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