Baby Dedication

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Baby Dedications are a ceremony held in Worship Service settings where a ministry director and a pastor presents a new baby and its parents to the congregation as part of God’s family and the North Valley Community Church family. Baby Dedications are an opportunity to celebrate your child and to commit yourselves as parents to “train up” your child in light of the Gospel and honoring to God.

No one will have more influence on your child than YOU! We believe that what happens at home is more important than what happens at church. It is our hope that we can partner with you from the very beginning. We will encourage you and resource you to raise your child to know what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Baby Dedication will highlight 3 points:

1. The child is a Gift: Recognizing that children (as all things) belong to God and He has blessed parents with the role to raise and disciple these children. As we are all made in the Image of God, this child is unique with different gifts, personalities, abilities, and passions apart from all others.

2. The Parent’s Pledge to the Church: The Pastor invites the parents to pledge to the church to earnestly seek to raise each unique child appropriately by seeking God’s heart, instruction, Spirit and to make a partnership with the Body of Christ.

3. The Church’s Pledge to the Parents: The pastor concludes by calling the Body to lovingly and generously dedicate themselves to this new child and its parents so that all may see this child come to know Jesus as its Redeeming Savior.

If you desire to dedicate your baby, please fill out the Baby Dedication Registration on MyNorthValley. We will contact you with more information and the next steps to prepare you for your Baby Dedication.

We encourage you to invite family and friends to celebrate this moment with you. Let us know if you have any questions, concerns or special request regarding this ceremony or the registration online.