Our Team


North Valley is a Staff led, and Elder Team protected church composed of qualified Elders that are non-staff, except the Lead Pastor. The purpose of the board, on behalf of the congregation, is to see to it that the church (1) is protected, and the Lead Pastor is protected to ensure the church can achieve her mission to fulfill the Great Commandment and Great Commission; (2) Observes biblical standards. The specific job of the Elder Team is to ensure the implementation of its primary and occasional responsibilities, which include but are not limited to the following:

  • The Elder Team prays for the congregation, the pastoral staff, and themselves.
  • The Elder Team oversees the church's spiritual condition.
  • The Elder Team oversees and authorizes written church policies.
Ryan Rice1.JPG

 Pastor Ryan Rice

 Lead Pastor, Founder, Chairman of the Elder Team

Craig Nelson1.JPG

Pastor Craig Nelson

  Assistant Pastor, Campus Operations, Church Administration, Member of the Pastoral and Ministry Support Team

Joshua Merrick1.JPG

Pastor Joshua Merrick

Director of Worship, Director of Neighborhood Groups, Member of the Pastoral and Ministry Support Team

Leslie Rice1.JPG

Leslie Rice

Executive Assistant

Brian Carr1.JPG

Brian Carr

Executive Coordinator

D.R. Ellis.JPG

Ellis, D.R.

Guest Services Coordinator

Crystal McGriff1.JPG

 Crystal McGriff

NV Kids Early Childhood Coordinator

Theresa Wnenta1.JPG

Theresa Wnenta

NV Kids Elementary Coordinator

Melinda Womack1.JPG

Melinda Womack 

NV Students Coordinator


Jonathan NIlson1.JPG   

  Jonathan Nilsen    

Music Director