Red and Yellow, Black and White


We all know how the song goes... “Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world.” Well, in about a week, a small team of my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ will be helping children, adored by God the Father, learn where their identity lies.

Through North Valley’s global mission Initiatives with VisionTrust, a non-profit organization, we will be doing our part to dedicate ourselves to developing orphaned and neglected children into mature Christians equipped to live productive lives in their own culture. VisionTrust does this through spiritual discipleship, educational development and health advancements.

Our Team will be visiting a few of these project sites with the goal of supporting the long-term, local VisionTrust Learning Center’s needs. We will be spending time with these impoverished children along with teaching them the word of God using age-appropriate lessons, crafts and activities. We hope to build lifelong relationships for the purpose of showing the love of Christ to these valuable little ones and would appreciate your prayers while we are away.

Prayers requested by the Learning Center staff in the Dominican Republic (D.R.) and the North Valley Community Church mission team:

VisionTrust Learning Center Prayer Requests:

  • Protection for the people in the D.R. from the Zika virus and other potential illnesses
  • Food for the children; to make sure the kids have access to good, nourishing food on a regular basis
  • Access to soap, basic toiletries and clean water on a regular basis for good hygiene

The NVCC Mission Team:

  • That we constantly remember that we are coming in the name of Jesus to bring blessing, comfort and a sense of self-worth to precious, poverty-stricken children
  • Safe travels, good times and strong relationships formed with each other and the people in the D.R.
  • That we will be a blessing to the D.R. school staff and not a hindrance
  • That each and every member of the mission team stays healthy, energetic and remains free from illness before, during and after the trip