Grace Abounds

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” 1 John 1:9

Like we discussed yesterday, all men sin and deserve to be separated from God forever. This is an unbelievably sad truth. But the good news is that all we have to do is trust Jesus to forgive us and He will make us into a completely new creation!
But is it ever difficult to trust that when we put our faith into Jesus, He truly can wash away our sins? Some people might be tempted to think, “But you don’t know how many terrible things I’ve done! There is no way that God could ever forgive every single one of my sins.” The bible says differently though.
It doesn’t matter how much you have sinned in the past, or how much you might sin once you become a Christian. The Bible says that if you admit that you need Jesus to save you from your sins and that you believe only He can make you new, then “he is faithful and just to forgive.” There is no sin too big for Him to clean. Besides, all sins are equally bad in His eyes.
We never have to worry that God will refuse to forgive us either. We can trust that just as He promised us, He will forgive us if we ask. And not only will He forgive us, but He will transform our sinful state so that we are no longer separated from Him but can be in a relationship with Him forever!

Questions for reflection and discussion
1. Do you believe God can forgive your sins?
2. How should you respond to God’s forgiveness?

Dear God, we can’t thank You enough for Your generous forgiveness—a forgiveness that doesn’t just excuse our wrongdoing but transforms us into repentant and holy people. We thank You that because of Jesus, we are seen as holy and pleasing to Your eyes. We pray that we would continue to trust in Your powerful cleansing forgiveness. Amen.