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God Calls Christina to a Global Mission - Explore Being Part!

Christina Harvey

Hi, I am Christina Harvey!

I had the opportunity to go the the Dominican Republic in 2016, and really fell in love with the families and the children I met there. God really kept them close to my heart, and I kept praying and couldn’t wait for the opportunity to go back. When last year’s leader was unable to make the trip, I felt God nudging me to lead and He used his people, other members in our church to confirm that He was calling me to serve as Mission Team Leader! This is a challenge, but it is leading me to trust God in a way that I never have before!

This year, when we travel to the Dominican Republic, we will be working at a learning center where impoverished orphans of all ages come for a few hours a day. They receive the Gospel, food, medical care and additional education.

This so important to me because we are all broken people, and apart from God. I was praying for this trip last year, Proverbs 25:25 really resonated with me: “Like cold water to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country.” I believe that God wants us all to help give physical care and hope to those in need, in addition to the good news of Jesus Christ.

We need those God is calling to join us and be the tangible hands and feet of Jesus to these children and their community. In addition, we will be partnering with people like you to sponsor children at the learning center to ensure that they thrive. They will have a person to share and show the love of Jesus through ongoing letters, pictures and gifts. This will encourage them to keep moving forward in God’s will for their lives. Additionally, we will be hosting a fundraising event in the community.

Please join us in continued prayer for our team and the families in the Dominican Republic.

To find out more information about how you can get involved:
Please email me