God is Light

“This is the message we have heard from him and proclaim to you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.” 1 John 1:5

Have you ever noticed how different light and darkness are from each other? At night when you lie down in the darkness to fall asleep, even the smallest of nightlights can seem bright! Or when you wake up extra early to watch the sunrise, its first rays of light reveal so much of the earth that had previously been hidden. It can never be both light and dark at the exact same time. The two are in stark opposition to each other with the light definitely being the stronger opponent of the two.
After John introduces his letter to us, explaining that he has seen and known the very Word of life, Jesus Christ, he tells us what Jesus’ message was! Jesus showed the world the very nature of God—that He is light!
Light isn’t an illustration that God uses only in this letter though; the idea and power of light is throughout the whole bible. Isn’t it interesting that God uses one of His very first creations to reveal something about who He is? Even in Genesis 1:4, right after God creates the light, He separates it from the darkness that previously covered the earth.
So what does this important message from Jesus mean? What does “God is light” mean? We will discuss more in the upcoming verses and days that the light is a symbol of truth and righteousness. But for now we can linger in the very important message that Jesus brought us: that God’s very nature is as pure and as powerful as light, which is altogether separate from any darkness that we can possibly imagine!

Questions for discussion and reflection
1. How is light similar to truth or righteousness?
2. How is Jesus like light?

Dear God, we thank You for Your creation of light and how You teach us more about You through it. We praise Your power that is so much stronger than darkness. We pray that Your same kind of light will be revealed in our own lives! Amen.