God’s Grace Adopts…Literally!

IMG_2397Jayson and Carmen Palaus became foster parents in September 2013. “A huge need for foster families exists,” they said. “Our mindset was: attempt to fill that need. If a child was placed that needed permanency we would consider it.” 

Two-day-old Miguel became the first child placed in their home, and after five days, he returned to his biological family. “We did not fully understand how it would feel when a child came to us and then left. The pain hit hard,” they said. “When our journey began, our kind, loving daughter Taylor was eight years old. Miguel leaving left Taylor in tears for days. We feared this was too much for her tender heart.  Taylor wanted our family to continue to foster.”

God rewarded their dedication. Since then, the Palaus family has adopted Luke and Makayla.

“North Valley Church is a huge blessing. The Rices were first at our home with an infant car seat and diaper bag when Miguel arrived. They met an immediate need, and we appreciated it. They are love in action!” Carmen says. “It’s great to attend church as a family. The Sunday school teachers understand our little ones’ special needs. In our neighborhood group, we met a family with a child who has the same diagnosis and challenges as our youngest.”

Come Sunday to hear more! This testimony is an engaging story of how God uses willing hearts following His plan to show grace through the amazing experience of real-life adoption.