We Found Support from Our New Friends at North Valley!

Ryan and Taryn McFoy:

Ryan and TarynWe have been married for almost three and a half years, and started attending North Valley less than a year ago. We were initially invited by another member to attend, and the sign off of I-17 helped us find it.

We really loved it, especially the feel of community and the message of hope North Valley is spreading!

We got involved in a Neighborhood Group and that has really been great for us as a couple. It has allowed us time each week to get together with others who share the same beliefs as us.

We have received a lot of support from our new friends, especially as we continue to grow in our marriage and in our relationships with Jesus.

Like any marriage, ours has been been filled with different challenges, on different levels, but that is what has been so good about joining North Valley.

Ryan and Taryn on BridgeGod is teaching us to continue to communicate with one another and to put each other before others!

Marriage is a work in progress we have learned a lot at North Valley! To us, a successful marriage is one where two people unite under God and never give up on each other!