Use Me

When Jesus teaches us the Lord’s prayer, he says, “Thy Kingdom Come!” This is a serious desire beyond a normal prayer request. It’s an extraordinary prayer of a serious desire to see more of God’s rule and reign on earth as things are in heaven! It’s a supernatural request to see more of God work in your life for His glory and the good of others.

We must understand that while God has indeed ordered and set his redemptive timeline to restore all of his creation, he still absolutely calls upon us to pray, to ask and do something!

How then are we to do this? Where do we start? First, we must remember that in the Lord’s prayer our example is that of a child. This is found in his statement, “Our Father which art in heaven...” God is our heavenly Father and we are his adopted kids through Jesus! We can come to him in prayer like a kid that runs to his Dad for whatever he needs. We can say, “Dad I need help,” “Dad, I want to go with you!” “Dad show me how to do this!”, “Dad,I want to be with you!”

Lastly, we must simply say, “Use me! Use me Lord, to do good in the world that you have placed me in.” “Give me the words to say, the heart to care and the will to act in a way that would share and show the love of Christ to the people around me today.”
“In Jesus name, use me, use me, use me Lord!” Amen.