The Crown For Outreach

The apostle here speaks of his hope to present his converts to Jesus at the second coming. It is a motivational reward that Paul mentions, in expectation that the Lord rewards our ministry efforts and labors in evangelism. Just as a first-century athlete would receive a wreath or crown at the end of a gladiatorial game or chariot race, so will the Christian for winning people to faith in Christ! Do you want a crown? Do you want to lay up treasure in heaven? This happens when we serve the Lord on earth! Even the angels would envy this crown. It is of great worth and value in heaven, and it can only be secured by winning others to Christ! Oh, how few churches and Christians will have this crown, although the most important goal for churches in growing and unchurched communities is to advance the gospel. Take the time to share your faith or invite others to church, and your crown awaits you in heaven.