Tell Your Story

I remember when I was younger how terrified I was to “share my faith.” I struggled to memorize the right bible verses, and I was certain someone would ask a question that I was not prepared for. I couldn’t handle going “off script.” If you face similar fears and struggles, let me encourage you! The key to sharing your faith is sharing YOUR story. You already know it better than anyone, and you don’t have to study for it! Here is the question to ask yourself: What difference has Jesus made in my life? That is what you share. It is a compelling story because it will highlight how Jesus has changed your life! People like a good rescue story, so tell them how Jesus rescued you. I do encourage you to learn bible verses that explain how someone can be saved, but don’t worry about a script. Keep it simple and tell your story.

Take a minute to think about your story. Do you remember when you fully acknowledged that you needed Jesus? What was that experience like? Do you remember the freedom that came with Jesus’ saving grace? Renew yourself with the story of God’s mercy in your life, then go out and tell your story!