Special Update on Campus from Pastor Ryan!

Rice Family_0034North Valley Community Church is just 5 years old.  2 years ago, we purchased a 9-acre property, renovated it and moved on site.  It is a remarkable accomplishment and a challenging project.  We have been worshipping on site for about 13 weeks.  Even though we are on site, there is still a lot of work to be done.  We need to finish this out.  On September 10, we will celebrate our grand opening and we would like to have many of these projects completed.

The City of Phoenix gave us a certificate of occupancy that allowed us to move into the buildings.  However, they told us we would need to do a massive site plan improvement that would include roughly $300,000 -400,000 which includes paving the parking lot.  The city of Phoenix is nervous about dry properties.  They don’t want it to burn down and they don’t want a lot of dust being kicked up.


The situation is that at any time the city could come to us and tell us we need to do our site plan improvement.  It is $300,000-$400,000 we don’t have right now.  We are asking you to remember this need and pray that the city would be patient and work with us.  The city won’t ignore us to for a year or two years or more.  We will need to fix the site at some point. 

We have opened a Campus Development Fund and if the city comes to us we will show them that in good faith we are moving toward our sit plan improvements.  We will be setting aside funds in our operational budget every month.  We will need to pave the parking lot, redo the curbing and redo the lighting, and build a retention area for water and drainage.  So, please consider contributing toward our Campus Development Fund.  Our hope is that if we were financially capable within the first 12 months of being on site we could finish the improvements.

We have some immediate needs that need attention.  The banner as you drive in is faded and dirty.  We need a permanent sign and the City of Phoenix has asked us to have a permanent sign.  There are doors that are unpainted.  We have about $8500 of immediate campus needs.  This will include electrical, painting, general maintenance and finishing the chapel.  We hope to get the campus a little more cleaned up before the grand opening on September 10, 2017. 

Finally, we need to invest in our kid’s area.  It was a bar room that we have transformed into Sunday school classrooms.  There is no playground and nothing for the kids.  We have estimated we need about $16,000 for play space and outdoor shaded space for lower and upper elementary kids.  We want to establish an area where the kids can call this place home.  If church isn’t fun for kids we will lose their attention.  We want to teach them about Jesus, but we want them to have fun the whole way through.

Please know that by investing in this church you are not just investing in yourself.  You are investing into an entity that God loves and that will be here for your children and their children. We are shaping the North Valley of Phoenix and taking up an area of influence where we will share and show the love of Jesus Christ. 

Some of you have already committed funds to the Area of Influence initiative.  We will ask you to please be faithful to finish your pledge and commitment to acquire the campus and renovate it. But if your financial situation allows you, please go above and beyond that commitment and contribute the Campus Development Fund for the immediate needs. 

If you are new and have not contributed, you have an opportunity to put your money to work and see the results immediately. Our hope is that we can do this and bless our kids and provide a place that is a lot more family friendly and open for us to hang out even after services.

If you have questions you can please ask.  You can give online or using the offering envelopes provided in the chairs.