Playground Equipment: Nathan

playground nvcc“Wait here Papa! I’ll be right back!” as he runs up the stairs to his room! “I got it! Its my wallet with my money in it! Tell Pastor Ryan I want to buy the playground for the kids. Here! I want to WASTE ALL my money on the playground for the kids! This is everything I’ve saved up for my WHOLE life!” He stands there waiting for a response with a big smile feeling very proud of himself.

Papa responds, “Thank you Nathan. You are so kind and generous! I love that you want to buy the kids a playground but it will take a lot more money than this to buy a playground for the church. I love your heart buddy but we need to pray God will provide a little bit more so we can buy the playground you REALLY want!”

Nathan received it well but still said, “Here! Take what I’ve got and it will help us get started saving for the BIG ONE!”

Nathan is a 5-year-old energetic little boy that loves to run and play! He has grown up in North Valley Kids since the day he was born and loves being at church. Nathan has been learning about Jesus and it is amazing to hear what he can tell you about the Bible. He is growing in his faith all the time! However, as most boys his age do, he has so much energy and loves to be silly. He wants to be outside and chase his friends around the playground. He loves to be in his classroom but sometimes can’t sit still any longer! Nathan also wants community just like adults do. He wants to have fun with his friends and be known by his peers! A playground is one of the best places for a child to learn social skills and character building as they develop. It is a gathering point for kids and their parents to grow in community together.

Our church needs a playground for our children. It will be a place where we gather and our kids will grow developmentally even while they play. A playground will enhance our campus appeal and provide for new opportunities of ministry to our neighbors! We have at least 100 kids attending North Valley Community Church every week and we are growing in number all the time. We are challenging our kids to invite their friends to come to church and to share their faith in their schools! There are many more boys and girls just like Nathan who want to see a playground outside their classroom from the young age of 5 and even younger up to our oldest kids that are 12 years old! A playground will bring joy and opportunity to all the kids we have in our church now and for many other children that we know will come to North Valley for years to come! 

If you would like to join Nathan in giving towards a playground, click here and select the designation "Campus Development."

Meredith Seabourn
North Valley Kids Director