New Beginning

So Boaz took Ruth, and she became his wife. Ruth 4:13a

The storyline of Ruth goes from a funeral to a wedding both practically and emotionally. Ruth, which is one of the best-written short stories of all time, concludes with scenes of God’s hand of providential blessing resting upon Boaz, his lovely bride, Ruth, and her mother-in-law, Naomi. Thus the story completes its cycle from barrenness to birth, widowhood to marriage, poverty to riches, bitter to sweet, idolatry to worship, and devastation to redemption. The big idea in this section of Scripture is that piety and providence are inextricably connected. Simply, those who continue to live in holiness, trusting God to bless them, aren’t disappointed because in His time and by His grace, God in His goodness smiles upon them.

Indeed, Ruth and Naomi were first wrecked and then redeemed financially, relationally, spiritually, and generationally. They accepted the reality of their lives, accepted that their lives had forever changed with the death of their husbands, had a funeral to grieve their losses, conducted a life autopsy to learn what had brought their painful circumstances, healed up, moved toward God’s people and presence, and enjoyed a fresh start. Their little story, which echoes the big story of Jesus, reveals that life comes after death. If you’re reading this amidst a painful season of life, Ruth and Naomi’s example provides hope to keep going until you’re on the other side of the dark valley you’re currently in.

At last, we read that Boaz married his lovely new convert wife, Ruth. As a result, she progressed from being a mere foreigner (2:10), to a lowly servant (2:13), to a servant (3:9), and finally a beloved wife. In 1:9, Naomi prayed that God would grant Ruth a Moabite husband. But, God in His kindness answered her prayer in an exceedingly generous way in granting her Boaz, who was “worthy” (2:1) of respect, honor, and imitation as one of the most outstanding men in all of Scripture. 

  • Have you seen God work to change your trials to blessings? How?