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Mountains of Manuscripts

God’s word is true, and it is a great testimony to the authenticity of our faith! We can examine other religions and see that Christianity is superior in historicity. As we grow in our understanding of the validity of the bible our confidence to share with others intensifies. Our faith is worth
believing in.

Today, we have over 25,000 manuscripts from antiquity that contain parts of the New Testament in the bible! That's a mountain of manuscripts that document the words and works of Christ and the early churches. There are even more manuscripts containing the rest of the Bible! No other ancient writing is so well attested. It’s stunning! Only the Iliad and Odyssey come close to such complete documentation, and yet we have only 650 or so copies of Greek manuscripts on record. That's a mole hill compared to the mountain of our New Testament manuscripts.

The bottom line is: faith takes faith. Yet Christianity is universally accepted as well documented with historical substantiation. That's because God word will always endure. “All Scripture is God breathed.” This is the reason for the exceptional preservation of the New Testament, and its prominence above all other Religious and ancient literature! This verse from 2 Timothy 3:16 makes all the more sense when we see the success of the Bible. Until His kingdom comes, may his will be done. Let's allow his word to help us witness and share the truth in grace to people around us!