Mother and Daughter to Share their Faith through the Joy of Baptism

Lott Family North Valley.JPGDaphne Lott is a bright and joyful 2nd-grade girl that has been attending North Valley Kids for about two years. From the time she first arrived as a Kindergartener, she has always had a smile on her face and excited to be with her friends at church!

Her Mom and Dad, Jason and Casey, love her very much and always encourage her to follow, and learn more about Jesus! They continue to teach and guide her through their involvement and commitment to North Valley and have been bringing Daphne to church faithfully as a part of her development, while they attend the adult services. 

Daphne is curious to know more about Jesus and listens intently to the Bible lessons at church every week and is an active participant in her Sunday school class where she asks lots of questions because she loves and trusts her teachers, Rob and Karla Smith. She also loves to help and serve others just like her Mom, Dad, and her Grandmother, Judy, who also attends North Valley.  

Casey and Daphne are going to be baptized at North Valley on Sunday, September 10th!  We are excited for them and their decision to follow Jesus as they make their public proclamation together before the church family. It is going to be a beautiful moment for everyone as mother and daughter experience the sweet opportunity to share their faith through the joy of Baptism. 

Casey is modeling for her daughter how to be obedient to God by taking this step. Daphne is also obeying God because she understands what it means to accept Jesus Christ as her Savior. They are an example to our church of the power of the Holy Spirit at work in our community.  

Baptism at North Valley is the opportunity to publically declare to the church family and community that you have decided to follow Jesus by His grace through faith in Him.  It is a significant time in the life of a Believer, no matter what age they are.

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On Sunday, September 10th as a part of our church’s Grand Opening season, we are going to provide the opportunity for anyone to be Baptized. The North Valley Church family wants to celebrate together with you, so come and join us!   

If you have you placed your faith in Jesus Christ, then your next step is to be baptized. Sign up here to be part of this opportunity!