More Than Spectators

Being a spectator is easy. Think of a sporting event: we sit in the stands or the comfort of our homes, munching a favorite snack, cheering and jeering. Then comes an athletic goof, and we critique the prowess of the athlete, talking about how we cannot believe he wasn’t able to make the play. In the following days, we relive the event as if we were the ones playing. It is easy to be a spectator.

It is hard, on the other hand, to be in the game. There are hours of training and preparation. Being in the game is exactly what Jesus calls us to. He doesn’t want us sitting in the stands as a spectator. He wants us in the game! We are not hearers of the Word only, but doers. Jesus calls us to take up our cross and follow Him. And in the midst of this he promises that we do not go along the journey alone. What step will you take today to get in the game?