Love and Marriage Teaching Series Resources


Dear North Valley,

I thought some extra resources could aid your journey in this Love and Marriage series we are in. Here are a bunch of resources that I have learned from and think you will find helpful too. I’d encourage you to choose one book from the list and make it goal to finish it before Easter!

Book Resources to the Marriage Series

The Meaning of Marriage: Tim Keller
The Sacred Marriage: Gary Thomas
Real Marriage: Mark and Grace Driscoll
Love and Respect: Emerson Eggerichs
Evangelical Feminism: Wayne Grudem
Intimate Issues: Linda Dillow
Date Your Wife: Justin Buzzard
The Song of Solomon: G. Lloyd Carr
Solomon on Sex: Joseph Dillow
Mastering the Old Testament (Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon): David Hubbard
The Song of Songs (New Century Bible Commentary): John Snaith
Song of Songs New International Commentary: Tremper Longman III

Other Recommended Works on Marriage & Sexuality
For him to read:
Fidelity: Douglas Wilson (theological)
• Reforming Male Sexuality: Mark Driscoll (covers pornography and masturbation)
How to Give Her Absolute Pleasure: Lou Paget (very frank; not Christian)

For her to read:
Intimate Issues: Linda Dillow (theological)
How to Be a Great Lover: Lou Paget (very frank; not Christian)

For both to read:
A Celebration of Sex: Douglas Rosenau (the best practical book by a Christian)
Intended for Pleasure: Ed Wheat (practical)

For the abused:
The Wounded Heart: Dan Allender (Christian help for the sexually abused)