Living at Peace in an Anxious World. New Message Series


Living at peace in an anxious world is possible if you know the prince of peace! In this four-week message series, you are going to see the sweet sovereignty of God unfold in the life of Daniel, an Old Testament hero of our faith! God worked powerfully in Daniel’s life just as he can works in peoples lives today! What was Daniel’s secret? In this four week series, we learn how his humility, his hope, and godly wisdom enabled him to navigate some of the most difficult circumstances recorded in the Bible.

No matter what you are facing in life, God has promised to be with you and give you peace no matter how big your problem may seem. You can’t give into to defeat, discouragement and despair! God wants you to live at peace no matter how big your problem is!

In this four-week message series, we will answer questions such as:

  • How to trust God in the midst of tough times?
  • What to do when people set traps to harm you?
  • How to keep faith in the midst of the fiery furnace of life?
  • How to stay alive when you’re tossed into the lion's den!

Each week after the service we will offer a small prayer team to minister to the needs of people as they arise week by week in the services. Jesus said once said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest! You don’t want to miss the opportunity to experience more of his peace in this special series.

To Christ be the glory in the North Valley!