Good News of Christ the King

And the angel said to them, “Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people." Luke 2:10, ESV

Have you ever been so excited to share some good news with a friend or family member that you can hardly wait? You know that this news is going to bring lots of joy! As we look at this scene in the birth of Christ, we find some interesting words being used to describe Jesus the coming King. When the author Luke chooses the words “good news,” they come pregnant with meaning. At that time the words “good news” were used to describe when a king experienced a victory in a battle or a special announcement was made on a king’s birthday. For example, it was common for this good news to be inscribed upon coins or other objects that would be circulated throughout the empire to spread the good news.

The angels here, have no doubt, are emphasizing there is good news to share. This good news is far greater than any news King Caesar would have. The King of heaven has come to set up a new kingdom whose reign would be forevermore (Isaiah 9:7). This good news was different. It wasn’t simply for Rome, but it was for all people. Not just the privileged but the poor as well. Not just the nation of Israel but for all nations. Not just for an earthly empire but an eternal empire! This was a global message that was good news. It’s the offer of salvation for all nations. It had finally happened! Christ has come, and God’s promise had finally was being fulfilled!

The Greek word is euangelion; it is where we get the word "evangelism." It means to proclaim good news. In this case the good news isn’t about King Caesar’s birthday, rather it’s about Jesus' birthday! The word, which is used more than seventy-five times in the New Testament, is strongly a Christian term today. "Gospel" or "good news" is best understood in this context to mean the good news that God has fulfilled his promises to Israel by sending the messiah, and this savior has proclaimed salvation to all who receive him. Now we see the Kingdom of Jesus far exceeds that of King Caesar. The good news of King Jesus’ birthday is far more popular than that of King Caesar's, for there is no King greater, in the past or the future. No news is better than that of the good news of Jesus; no citizenship is better to have than that of a heavenly citizenship (Ph. 3:20). It is clear that Jesus, the high King of Heaven and earth, is our good news!

1. Why do you think the angels chose to use that words "good news"?
2. Why is King Jesus good news for you?

Dear Lord, thank You that You are a King who is all powerful and almighty and whose reign is unending. Thank You Lord for calling me into Your Kingdom. Your life and message of salvation to all who receive You is good news worth sharing! In Jesus' name, amen.