God Called North Valley Family to Pursue a Life of Generosity

BrownsEver think about how giving is not so much about something we do, but rather something we are? In the Bible generosity is something that characterizes the early church Christians! Being generous wasn’t something they did, it was something they were! It was part of their identity! To be generous wasn’t for the rich, it was for the both rich and the poor. To be Christian, was to be generous.

So what’s the link between our faith and generosity? Grace! You got it! By now you likely have figured it out! It’s all about grace!

This week, Pastor Ryan will be concluding the message series by teaching on how God’s grace empowers us to be generous towards God’s work through the local church and beyond!

As we look at this final message, we will also get to hear a live interview of how God’s grace motivated a young family to simply live different.

Come this Sunday to hear Patrick and Katie Brown’s story of how God called them to pursue a life of generosity.