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Faith Comes From Hearing

Why should we want to invite our neighbors to church? The Bibles says that apart from the preaching of the gospel message salvation doesn’t exist. God’s word is the carrier of life. Without someone preaching and teaching, there is no special revelation of who God is or what the gospel is all about. We need to hear it!

The Apostle Paul here tells us that faith comes from hearing the word of Christ. In other words, it’s the words of Christ, the scriptures, God’s word, the Bible that secures and strengthens our faith (II Tim 3:16)!

It’s by hearing the gospel preached, that people come to faith in Christ! It’s by hearing the word preached that we grow in our faith more and more as believers.

Don’t ever forsake coming together, as God has designed the church to meet a deep spiritual need. We must hear and apply the word of God into our lives to grow! As we do, we will become all that God has created us to be.

Lastly, you must realize that by inviting others you are helping share the love of Christ! It’s through hearing the Sunday message that many have placed their faith in Jesus Christ. It’s by our members and attenders taking a few minutes to invite their family and friends.

So, take a few minutes to text a few friends today. Invite them to join you on this Special Easter Sunday. You can use the video link to let them know about our church and Easter service.

Easter Sunday Event