Do you have your day planned out? Maybe your week and month too? It is good to make plans and schedules, but sometimes we find our plans disrupted. Maybe it is a long line at the grocery store or a friend calling for a favor that you don’t have time for. One day mine was a dead car battery. Well, not mine but my neighbor’s and I felt convicted that I should stop and help as I was backing out of my driveway. I didn’t want to stop and help, but I did. The short of the story is this disruption in my day gave me the opportunity to spend time with a neighbor whose dad had just passed away. As a result of the time together, I was given the privilege of performing the memorial service for my neighbor and pointing a hurting family to the love and hope found in Jesus! I had a plan for my day, but the Lord had a different plan. He disrupted my plan with something better! Consider this when you feel like your plans are disrupted. God’s plan is at work!