Depend on Him

The Lord tells us to ask God for our daily needs. We need him everyday to help us. Take a moment right now and breathe deeply, say out loud, "Lord I need you!" As you call upon on him in prayer, you will feel a new strength.

When you face problems or negative or sinful attitudes or actions, you will often remember that you have already prayed for the Lord's help and you will find your soul able to access a great power, found in the personal work of the Holy Spirit.

This has been a great secret of strength for me over the years. I have quietly and frequently, confessed to the Lord, my great need for his help, his power and his strength to do what I know is right.

It may not be easy, what you are facing, but the Lord's word says take one day at a time. Depend on him as the bread of life, and as you do the Lord's grace will shine and through you to the people around you. Amen.