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Day 36: A Promise for Now, a Promise for Eternity

And behold, I am sending the promise of my Father upon you. But stay in the city until you are clothed with power from on high. Luke 24:49

After Jesus’ resurrection, the mission He had to carry out on earth was almost over, but He had to make sure His disciples will be ready to carry on His mission in the future. He is on His way be with His Father in Heaven, but before He goes, He promises something to the disciples. He promises to send “the promise of my Father” so that they can be “clothed with power from on high” to fulfill Jesus’ mission. Let’s look at these two promises.

First, there is Jesus’ promise to do something. The disciples have just witnessed one promise fulfilled in the resurrection of Jesus, so it is fresh in their minds that God always follows through. This promise comes with a requirement, as many of God’s promises do; they are supposed to stay in Jerusalem until the promise is fulfilled. According to the book of Acts, that is just what the disciples did, and they were “clothed with power from on high” when the time came.”

Second, there is “the promise of my Father.” What is that? The Holy Spirit is the promise. Like the resurrection validated Jesus’ ability to forgive sin, the presence of the Holy Spirit with the disciples (and with us) is the guarantee that Christians have a relationship with the Son and the Father also. God living in us on Earth in the form of the Holy Spirit is proof that we will live with God in eternity.

Part of the mission for the disciples and for us is to learn more about God, to live in faith, and to do God's will. The Holy Spirit makes these things possible. We can't obey God without God's help, and the Holy Spirit is God working in us, to make our own spirits more holy. And Jesus has promised that, for those who love Him, the Holy Spirit will always with us.

Questions for reflection and discussion

  • How have you seen the Holy Spirit working in your life?
  • What do you need to work on in your mission to be more like God? Have you asked for the help of the Holy Spirit?


Dear God, thank You for sending the Holy Spirit to be Your promise and to help us fulfill Your mission. Help us remember that the Holy Spirit gives us Your power. In Jesus’ name, amen.