Children Help You

This devotional is for the young Moms and Dads of our church. But wait singles, empty nesters and married with no kids, there is something for you to learn too.

The Bible says, Jesus loved kids! He didn’t just tolerate them, he invited them to himself! Jesus’s kid-friendliness would have likely left a positive impression on all who witnessed him. He was not only an intellectual giant, a carpenter and a tough guy, but a gentle, kind man towards kids! He was fun to be around! Jesus smiled, laughed, and probably rolled in the grass, and played with kids in the community!

As a parent who lives in the north valley, I've found that one of the easiest ways to connect with my neighbors is through my kids. They love to play and so do I! We go to the park and make friends almost every week. In my life as a Dad, God has used this natural opportunity to share and show his love to my neighbors. I've always made the time to show up at our local park.

I encourage you, go play with your kids and the neighborhood kids! Get off your facebook and quit texting! Play and talk to the people around you.

Be a friend to your neighbors, regardless of their belief, they are still your neighbor and your both have things a common bond in parenting! Have fun this week reaching out to those God brings to your neighborhood!