IMG_2186.JPGAbout a year ago, Bill had just moved into the Norterra area. Bill was in many ways starting a new season, a new chapter of his life was being written. In 2015, the love of his life, Gwen went home to be with the Lord. 

One day he was looking online for churches in the North Valley and came upon NVCC. His first Sunday, was at the Harkins Theaters. When he walked in that Sunday morning he said, “Andy took a genuine interest in me.  He asked real questions and was really interested in listening to me.  That same morning at church, he invited me to his Neighborhood Group which was filled with caring people.”

Bill continued… “I was intrigued to discover that Pastor Ryan attended Dallas Theological Seminary; I also attended there! I thoroughly enjoyed the preaching of God’s Word and the worship too!”   

Bill immediately got connected to others in a Neighborhood Group, there he had the chance to meet some neighbors and develop some new relationships within the church family.

Bill loves the Lord and his church. He’s worked in ministry for more than forty years and says he’s here to serve because he loves his new church! 

Bill is already taking an active part in NVCC as part of the Cares Team and is working closely with Pastor Ryan and Pastor Jonathan on various projects. 

When asked what he wished to share with the congregation Bill had no hesitation in stating, “Grace is too good a thing to keep to ourselves.  People need the body of Christ.  No one should go through life alone.” North Valley Community Church is here to meet that exact need.  

Come Sunday to hear more of Bill’s story and hear how you can get connected and help others get connected to the church family so that no one that comes through our church doors has to go through life alone!