Believe In Others

“Therefore encourage one another, and build up one another…”

One of the greatest problems of our spiritual life, is a lack of faith. Faith in God, ourselves, and others. For effective outreach we must never stop believing in others. So many people go days, months, even years low on hope. Yet we by God’s grace have access to a reservoir of hope through the Holy Spirit. We must never give up on the prodigals, the lost sheep, the needy widows, the lonely orphan. Stand strong, fill the gap of hope and despair for those who need you today. Speak a word, smile, hug, serve, act, give and go! Don’t think twice! When everyone has given up believing on our neighbors, we won’t. Let’s ask for God to save the woman down the street, who hides her hurt in vodka, and is on her second or third marriage. Don’t limit the grace of God! Let’s out-believe others and pray for God’s grace, faith and hope to be extended through us today.