You’re invited to  join us on a 21 day journey to find treasure that exceeds anything this world could ever offer. 

Jesus is undoubtedly the best financial advisor the world has ever known.  In this three part message series we are discovering and exploring the most revealing statements Jesus made about material possessions and wealth.

In his greatest sermon ever preached, he gave advice on how to view earthly treasures, build up eternal treasures and consider what our hearts treasure most.  

Join us for the journey!



We want to help you be equipped in your finances! Jump into our workshop that will walk you through creating a spending plan. It's not about restraining's about freeing you!

Main topics covered:
• What is a spending plan?
• Why a plan can be your best offensive strategy.
• The best way to get started.
• Practical tips and techniques for success.
• How to live and achieve your goals.

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WHEN: Saturday, March 10th | 9am-12pm

WHERE: North Valley Church campus - NV68 Room
(North Valley Kids Building)