Summer Camp


UCYC Summer Camp Flyer

Registration for summer camp is open and our spots are filling in one at a time!  I want to extend the invitation to anyone who is considering UCYC Summer camp to reserve your spot soon.  I know your kids will not want to miss out on Summer camp at UCYC!  It is truly a life changing mountain top experience for all that attend! 


What are the dates of summer camp? 

July 26th to Jul 30th plan to go to UCYC Summer Camp 2018 


What age does my child need to be to go to summer camp? 

PreTeens 456 is for kids currently in the North Valley 35 class (3rd to 5th graders) as they will be 456 in the 2018 to 2019 school year  - $350 total cost with a $50 deposit needed to hold your spot by March 25th - They will be taking a Road Trip and learning about the life of Peter who was one of Jesus' first disciples and "walker of water."  

Junior High 678 is for kids currently in the North Valley 68 class (6th to 8th graders) as they will be 678 in the 2018 to 2019 school year -$395 total cost with a $75 deposit need to hold your spot by March 25th - They will be talking about what it means to live 100% a life that follows after Jesus.  

UCYC has two separate camps for the different age groups located on the same property, The Pines and The Summit.  The Pre-Teens will be on one side of the camp grounds called The Pines while the Junior High kids will be on the other side, The Summit.  They may cross paths occasionally as they both use the same dining hall facilities.


Who are the leaders taking my child to summer camp? 

Our church leaders in each ministry area, PreTeens and Junior High, with the support of parents of the kids signed up for camp that are willing to volunteer.  All adults are background checked and approved by the North Valley Church Staff to attend camp with our children as well as cleared through the UCYC code of conduct expectations.  If you are interested in volunteering and joining us at camp, please let us know at the time of registration as the "Camp Leader" spots are limited. 

How do I register my child for summer camp?  Registration closes on May 30th

PreTeen 456 Camp - Click HERE to register your campers online

Junior High 678 Camp - Click HERE to register your campers online - FULL Please contact Theresa Wnenta at to be added to the wait list 

What are my financial commitments for kids to go to Camp? 

Deposit for 456 Campers - due at registration
Deposit for 678 Camper - due at registration 

Total cost 456 Campers - July 22nd 
Total cost 678 Campers - July 22nd 
+ All Deposit Money will be counted toward the total costs! 


Can I make payments online? 

Yes! To make payments online by clicking HERE

Be sure to select "summer camp."  

Are there scholarships available to send my child to summer camp? Applications due May 15th

Yes you can apply for a scholarship by clicking HERE


Will there be fundraisers available?  

Yes, please watch for more details coming soon. 


Will there be a parent meeting to learn more details before we send our kids to camp?  

Yes!  Plan to attend our Parent Orientation on June 24th at 12pm on the North Valley Campus in the North Valley Kids Building. 


How do I learn more about UCYC? 

For more information about UCYC, please go to to read and learn more! 

We have more spots available with 2 camps this year, however, we have more kids attending North Valley than ever before!  Plan to jump in with us as I know your kids won't want to miss out on camp this year!  Spots will go fast!!  

Theresa Wnenta
North Valley Elementary Coordinator