Summer Camps

Summer Camp 2021 is HERE! Camp is a significant part of NV Kids and NV Students Ministries. Your kids will not want to miss out. A week full of biblical teaching, worship, and time building deeper relationships with their friends and leaders. We are praying for your kids and students as camp can truly be a life-changing, mountain-top experience for all who attend!



KIDS CAMP - JUNE 7th - 11th 

Kids entering 4th & 5th grade in the Fall of 2021

Cost: $380  (Reserve your spot with a $50 deposit)


We are excited to partner with UCYC (United Christian Youth Camp) again for our NV Kids Camp in Prescott, AZ. It will give them a chance to explore who God has made them to be through increased challenges and new adventures! Fun worship, engaging sessions, and small group time with their leaders will build the foundation of our camper’s relationship with Jesus.

Leg-end-ar-y: adjective
“Remarkable enough to be famous; very well known.”Who do you think of when you hear the word “legendary”? Professional athletes, fictional characters, musicians, and movie stars are a few examples of people we might look up to in this way. However, no one has made a bigger impact on the world than one man, Jesus. 

What made Him so legendary? Other than the crowds He drew and stories He told, Jesus performed extravagant miracles that cured the sick, healed the blind, and brought the dead back to life. These incredible acts revealed Jesus’s desire that all would be saved. Don’t miss out this Summer as we hear about the most Legendary man to ever exist.



JR HIGH CAMP - JUNE 7th - 11th 

Students entering 6th - 8th grade in the Fall of 2021

Cost: $415  (Reserve your spot with a $50 deposit)

jr high  

Jr High Camp is full of incredible experiences in Prescott, Arizona in partnership with UCYC (United Christian Youth Camp). This will be an unforgettable week for students to encounter the God who knows them, who loves them & who wants to have a relationship with them! 

Finesse is the ability to execute an activity with skill & delicacy. We strive to achieve a level of finesse especially when it comes to interacting with other people. Our days are filled with endless opportunities to change someone’s life forever.

Jesus met thousands of people in His three brief years of ministry, and every single one of them was changed forever. So many people were transformed by His miracles, but even more, were transformed by His words.

Join us as we dive into the quieter moments of Jesus’s life where He shows the heart of God not in magnificent displays of power, but in loving people where they are.




Incoming Freshmen – Graduating Seniors in the Fall of 2021

Cost: $415  (Reserve your spot with a $50 deposit)


This year's high school camp will be held at Northern Arizona University in partnership with CIY (Christ in Youth). This week will be encouraging, challenging, and impactful.

Check out this promo video for this year's message: For All. Forever.   




*Due to current events, registration is not a guarantee for 2021 Summer Camp, but we will work hard to get your kids and students to camp if possible! Click through on the images above for camp registration.

Questions about Scholarships or Fundraisers? Email us!

We will talk more about other details like transportation to camp, what to pack, what NOT to pack, camp themes, and more during upcoming parent meetings. NVCC Campers will be led and cared for by our adult church staff and adult leaders who serve in NV Kids. All adults are background checked and approved by the North Valley Church Staff to attend camp with our children as well as cleared through the UCYC code of conduct expectations / CIY screening requirements.

Feel free to send us an email if you have any questions!