Voices of the Valley - Tom Shrader

November 12, 2017 Pastor: Tom Shrader Series: Voices of the Valley

Scripture: Psalm 23:1–23:6

The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want.  This is a psalm about living and hope.  It understands that life is tough.   If things are going well or if things are difficult, it will change.  Because the Lord is our shepherd we have relationship, healing, guidance and protection, hope and security.  There are multiple references in the Bible to God being our shepherd.  We are like sheep, but the Shepherd is in control and will guide and protect us.  We will be pushed beyond our limits to drive us to Him.  We won’t know Jesus is all we need until we realize He is all that we have and everything we truly need God has provided for us. Nothing makes life worth living except His presence. 

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