Barriers - Part 2: Break Through the Organizational Barrier

July 2, 2017 Pastor: Ryan Rice Series: Barriers

Scripture: Acts 6:1–6:15

The early church faced an organizational barrier.  It was rapidly growing and practical needs were being neglected.  The church was growing and they faced language and cultural barriers.  Once the problem was identified appointed leaders were appointed to minister to the needs. North Valley is also experiencing significant growth.  We are in the process of identifying servant leaders to will become part of the solution.  We have identified several qualities that these leaders need to have.  They will have a good reputation that can be vouched for.  They will be full of the Spirit and will walk and talk with Jesus.  They will also have practical wisdom and knowledge in their area of service.  God has equipped people for ministry to advance His Kingdom through the teaching of the Good News of Christ and meeting the practical needs of the people.