Love and Marriage - Part 5: The Art of Intimacy

February 26, 2017 Pastor: Ryan Rice Series: Love and Marriage

Topic: Love Scripture: Song of Solomon 4:1–4:8

This passage is a glimpse into intimacy between Solomon and his bride on their wedding night. As he undresses he, Solomon builds her up and describes how her beautiful she is. Men should not be over-domineering, but tender and strong. Sex in a biblical context is liberating and freeing. It is gentle and tender and does not find pleasure from another person’s pain. I Corinthians 13 describes love, but Song of Songs describes Solomon’s love for his bride. Solomon shows his affection for his bride by repeatedly telling her that she is beautiful.

There are 5 keys to igniting intimacy into marriage. Physical affection is tender--a hug, kiss or the holding of a hand. Verbal affection builds up self-esteem. It is affirming encouraging and loving.

Acceptance in a relationship allows each person to unveil themselves without judgement or criticism. When we have a relationship with Christ we are God’s children and we are complete in Him, despite our imperfections.

Adoration is a deep love that is exclusive within the marriage. Solomon takes time to adore his bride as he unclothes her. He his gentle and encouraging in his description of her body. Solomon is aroused by his bride as he describes her sexually. Sexuality is a part of our humanity given by God for our pleasure.

Sexual adventure keeps intimacy from becoming monotonous. Adventure within the context of marriage and biblical guidelines is healthy, but must always be based on mutual intimacy and commitment. Husbands should seek to fulfill their wives’ sexual needs just as women should seek to fulfill their husbands’ as they pursue oneness together physically, spiritually and emotionally.