Love and Marriage - Part 4: The Art of Marriage

February 19, 2017 Pastor: Ryan Rice Series: Love and Marriage

Topic: Love Scripture: Song of Solomon 2:15–3:11

This passage verse 2:15 describes how little things that can hurt and hinder a relationship. Unresolved conflict, poor communication, ongoing criticism and lack of communication are things that can creep in and erode the foundation of a relationship.

To prevent or stop the erosion we need to have open and honest communication with each other and listen without judgement. At the core of our being we desire to be loved. God created us to be together, just as Eve was created so Adam would not be alone.
Vesrses 3:1-4 describes a nightmare the Shulammmite woman had about losing her beloved. And once she finds him she will not let go. It is normal to be afraid of losing the one we love. Relationships can be put at risk unless we clarify the problems in the relationship by looking at the things putting is at risk and conforming our lives to God’s word.

Verse 5 cautions the lovers to not arouse passion too early, but to wait for marriage. Passion between a man and woman is healthy and normal, but there is an appropriate time and place for it. While many people have sex before marriage, those marriages often end in divorce. But, through the goodness of God, all things can be made new. Relationships can be preserved and restored.

Verses 6-11 is the culmination of the courtship. Solomon comes for his bride. He has a special couch made for her adorned with gold, silver and purple cloth. He has the means to provide for her and keep her safe. The wedding is a sacred celebration and Solomon describes this day as the day his heart rejoiced.