Love and Marriage - Part 3: The Art of Engagement

February 12, 2017 Pastor: Ryan Rice Series: Love and Marriage

Topic: Love Scripture: Song of Solomon 2:8–2:14

This passage is filled with poetry and symbolism. It looks at the importance of initiative, communication, clarity, confession and commitment in relationships. The greatest priority in our lives is our relationship with God. This must be the foundation of every marriage and dating relationship.

Solomon goes into the country to visit his beloved in her home. He initiates romance by taking time out of his busy schedule to go to her. He makes their relationship his first priority and there is nothing that will keep him from her. He takes her out publicly for a walk. Solomon refers to his beloved as “my dove”, an expression of her purity. Solomon builds her up by repeatedly calling her beautiful and special. He takes her out publicly to show everyone around that he loves her. Solomon wants to hear her voice, to listen to her and know her.

Relationships take effort. We need to intentionally grow our relationship with our beloved, but first we must cultivate our relationship with God. It needs to be our greatest priority in life.

We need open and honest communication with each other as we define where the relationship is going. We need to ask the tough questions of “does this person help or hinder my faith?”, and “where is the relationship going? We need honesty and confession with each other. Marriage unites two people emotionally, spiritually and physically, so it is essential that we fully understand our beloved. What issues in our pasts need forgiveness and grace? Finally, we need to commit ourselves first of all to God and then each other.