Neighborhood Groups

Neighborhood Groups

North Valley Neighborhood Groups

God made us for community. You are invited to be part of a dynamic community within the church family. These groups meet in homes around the North Valley each week. Neighborhood Groups are vital to helping you grow in your faith, apply what you are learning, and provide you with the support that you need to make it through life's up and downs.


Share: We gather to share what we are learning from Sunday's message.

Care: We gather to care for each other in the group and our neighbors.

Prayer: We gather to pray for one another.


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Find a Neighborhood Group near you:

Deer Valley - Brian & Elida - Mon @ 6pm (kids welcomed)
Anthem - Joshua - Tue @ 6pm (kids welcomed)
Fireside #1 - David & Christy - Wed @ 6pm
Fireside #2 - Tristan & Laura - Wed @ 6pm (kids under 3 welcomed)
Norterra - Ryan & Leslie - Wed @ 6pm (kids welcomed)
Happy Valley #2 - Justin & LaDonna - Fri @ 6:30pm