Building Relationships That Last, Part 4: Defining the Relationship

February 4, 2018 Pastor: Ryan Rice Series: Building Relationships That Last

Scripture: Ruth 3:1–3:18

Boaz has finished thrashing grain and lays down to sleep.  Naomi encourages Ruth to go and uncover his feet and lay down by him.  This action was not a sexual action, but an act of submission and a request for provision and protection.  Traditionally a close relative would take responsibility for a widow and marry her.  This is what Ruth is requesting by her actions.  Boaz recognizes Ruth as a worthy woman and agrees to her request so long as there is no closer relative willing to marry her.   This scan be applied to dating relationships by looking for an honorable and Godly spouse, a person of integrity.  We should not waste time on relationships that are unequal and not reciprocal.  Ruth and Boaz faced obstacles of ethnicity, age status, likewise we will face obstacles our relationships, but they serve to test each other’s commitment.