Building Relationships That Last, Part 3: Developing the Relationship

January 28, 2018 Pastor: Ryan Rice Series: Building Relationships That Last

Scripture: Ruth 2:14–2:23

Boaz takes an interest in Ruth.  She is a woman of noble character.  Boaz recognizes that she is a hard worker and is taking care of Naomi.  He invites her to share a meal.  He provides protection for her and ensures that she is provided for.  We need safe relationships in our marriages, families, and friendships.  They are built on grace, acceptance, and truth.  We should live under the authority of God’s word in every aspect of our lives.   Great relationships will draw us closer to God and others.  We should not rush a relationship and get to know each other apart from romance.  Strong relationships help us become who God has us to created us to be.  Focus on being the right person to attract and develop the right kind of relationships.