Trash Talk

December 31, 2017 Pastor: Dr. Randy Deal

Topic: Special Messages Scripture: Hebrews 12:1–12:3

We all have things that weigh us down, but we have choices in how we deal with them.  Several places in the Bible tells us to get rid of sin.  We all sin, but we don’t need to carry it or the shame of it around, we can be forgiven.  We can be healed.  We need to press on regardless of our past failings and seek wisdom to learn from our mistakes.  Holding grudges keeps things right before us.  We need to move forward and remember that the Lord has forgiven us, so we need to forgive others.  We don’t condone or forget the wrongdoing, but we do need to forgive.   Do not hold onto unhealthy and ungodly relationships, but grab onto good, godly and healthy relationships.