Voices of the Valley - Dr. Mark Moore

November 19, 2017 Pastor: Dr. Mark Moore Series: Voices of the Valley

Scripture: Matthew 20:1–20:16, Matthew 19:27–19:30, Matthew 20:17–20:19

When God Seems Unfair:  Will You Give Thanks?

When we compare ourselves to others it is normal to think God is unfair.  We see what others have and we envy them.  We overestimate what God has done for them and underestimate what He has done for us.  Anyone who seems to have everything needs something.  We are a community interdependent of economics and God’s gifts are distributed unequally.  Poverty is not about a lack of provision from God.  It is a lack of human distribution.  We are called to give and sacrifice for others and God will use what we give to generously meet the needs of others.

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