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40 Days with Jesus - Part 6: His Sacrifice, My Sacrifice

June 4, 2017 Pastor: Dr. Randy Deal Series: 40 Days with Jesus

Scripture: Luke 23:26–23:49, Romans 12:1–12:2

Sacrifice is the surrender or destruction of something prized or desirable for the sake of something considered to have a higher or more pressing claim. Jesus died on a cross. He had been beaten and whipped, abandoned by his disciples. He was mocked and spit on. He was crucified with criminals in full view of the public. Crucifixion was a hellish death. Enduring great pain and with his last breaths Jesus offered forgiveness. While people watched they failed to see the gift He was giving them, but He made the ultimate of all sacrifices. There was a huge spiritual battle being waged at the crucifixion. Jesus death and resurrection would strike the death blow to Satan’s plans and rule. It would establish Jesus eternal authority over the earth. Jesus death was a supernatural event causing the sun’s light failed and allowing darkness reign. In the most holy place in the temple where the ark of the covenant sat, the barrier between God and humanity was removed. God would no longer reside in the ark, but in the lives of His people.

We are called to present ourselves as a living sacrifice to God. We need to offer Him all that we are. He will have our time, talent and our treasure. We can offer God our time to serve and minister. We can offer our talent in ministry. We all are uniquely gifted to serve and we are called to serve. We can also offer our treasure. There is a fundamental connection between our faith and how we handle our treasure. We are called to be stewards of what we have been given to further the gospel. Following Jesus requires sacrifice. It costs us everything, but it is worth it.