40 Days with Jesus - Part 2: His Baptism, My Baptism

April 30, 2017 Pastor: Ryan Rice Series: 40 Days with Jesus

Topic: Baptism Scripture: Matthew 3:13–3:17

Historically baptism was a rite practiced by Jews for cleansing and forgiveness. When Jesus approached John the Baptist and asked to be baptized, John recognized Jesus as the Messiah and was reluctant to perform the ritual. John recognized that Jesus did not need a ritual of repentance. Jesus was the Messiah and without sin. Jesus affirmed John’s message that God would send a Messiah by participating in baptism. When Jesus was baptized, the Heaven’s opened up and God sent a dove. It was a symbol of Jesus peace and purity. The affirmation of God on His son. This event marked the beginning of Jesus public life.


After Jesus resurrection baptism became a rite not for forgiveness and purification, a public proclamation of what God is doing in your life. It is a symbol that the old life has died and a new life dwells within you. That life has the power from God that can raise people from the dead.


Baptism should be practiced by those who profess faith in Jesus as Lord. It is a symbol of life in Christ. Jesus commanded that we should baptized. The early church baptized every new believer. It is a public opportunity to see and hear those who have made a commitment to Jesus Christ. We continue the practice of immersion baptism when a person acknowledges he or she needs a savior, believes that Jesus died and brought forgiveness for sins and confesses that Jesus is Lord.