Love and Marriage - Part 10: The Art of Deepening

April 2, 2017 Pastor: Ryan Rice Series: Love and Marriage

Topic: Love Scripture: Song of Solomon 8:1–8:7

Marriage and relationships can grow deeper with time. For this to happen it is necessary to cultivate the relationship and pursue each other. Deepening love requires pursuit. Couples should continually date and be involved in the things that interest the other person. Deepening love is pure. Pornography is readily available through the internet. Participating in pornography erodes the sanctity of a marriage. A marriage without purity will be destroyed. So how do we abstain from evil? I Thessalonians 5:22 tells us to walk in the truth that is from God. Abiding in a relationship with Jesus Christ will direct our focus from sin to sanctity. You spouse deserves to be valued and respected by you.

Deepening love is personal. Each one of us in unique and made in the image of God. Likewise, we are all unique in how we experience love. Some people enjoy giving gifts as an expression of love. Others find was to serve their lover because for them actions speak louder than words. Touch is a powerful tool to communicate love and words provide affirmation of love. Giving time and undivided attention to your spouse gives him or her value. Be present and in them moment whenever you are together.

Deepening love is to be protected like a seal over your heart. It needs to authentic and valued as a prized possession. Many things compete for authentic love. Make every effort to protect the time you have with your lover, by making space in your schedule to be together.
Deepening love is permanent. Your marriage is permanent and what God has joined together no one should separate. No matter what challenges you face, try to stay together. Even though you disagree, say “I love you. We will work it out. We are in this together to the end.” Deepening love perseveres. It is so intense it will last no matter what. This is a love that cannot be quenched or swept away. Love never gives up. It endures all things through every circumstance.

Deepening love is priceless. It cannot be bought. It is a gift and is more valuable than anything else. Do whatever it takes to invest in your marriage. Look to Jesus and his amazing love that gave everything for our freedom. The closer you get to Christ, the closer you will get to each other.