Love and Marriage - Part 9: The Art of Romance

March 26, 2017 Pastor: Dr. Randy Deal Series: Love and Marriage

Topic: Love Scripture: Song of Solomon 7:1–7:12

For marriage to be successful for the long haul we need to put holiness before happiness. We need to stay present in the relationship and be there for each other and work hard to make a marriage or relationship last and grow better over time. Song of Songs 7 describes the still passionate love that Solomon and his wife have for each other. They are past the honeymoon stage, but Solomon still sees his wife as beautiful and tells her explicitly how he is attracted to her. She tells Solomon how she wants to be with him. Their passion for each other has not faded. Passionately pursue your spouse and don’t accept that it is normal that passion will fade. It does not need to be that way. What is the core that made you a couple in the first place? Don’t stop turning toward each other and end up turning away from each other.

God’s design for a healthy relationship is for romance to continue throughout the marriage. Romance is a discipline and it is essential that we openly express our love and honor for each other. Romance is expressing tender desire to be with another person and making our spouse feel special and valued even when he or she don’t deserve it.

When Solomon talks about how beautiful his wife is he starts with her feet. Imagine him on his knees before her as a servant. He moves up her body and still loves how she looks. He has maintained his desire for her and they delight in each other. She is his queen. He honors her and wants only her.

How do we passionately pursue our spouse? Tender words can be expressed by praising what you see in the other. Words that show respect, appreciation and encouragement for each other will build the other person up. If appreciation and respect are not shown in the marriage one may seek to find it elsewhere in children or other relationships. A tender touch or embrace will express passion and love. Solomon adores his wife and openly expresses is feelings. He is a better man because of her, she is a better wife because of him. Enjoy purposeful time together by taking time to focus on each other without the distractions of kids, work or life. It does not take a lot of money, but does take a lot of yourself. Enjoy purposeful sex. Enjoy intimacy and be spontaneous and creative. A good marriage will not just happen. It takes intention to make it happen. Intimacy can sometimes take a back seat to other priorities in life. We need to make sure it is not lost and reignite passion in marriage.

A successful marriage can be one of the best things we have if we make it a priority and don’t lose focus or take our spouse for granted.