The Root of Riches: Part 3 - Practical Theologies on Rewards

January 22, 2017 Pastor: Ryan Rice Series: The Root of Riches

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 9:6–9:15

The church in Jerusalem is struggling. The Apostle Paul is writing to the church in Corinth to help the Jerusalem church which is suffering from famine. He calls them to give generously. There had been tension between the Jewish churches and the Gentile churches, but the generosity of the Corinth church to the church in Jerusalem eased the tension.

Bountiful giving is based in blessing. It is to be a blessing to others and now about what you will receive from it. Bountiful giving comes from the joy in your heart and your motivation to meet real needs. When you give in obedience, God will multiply your resources. When Jesus fed the multitude, there was only a small lunch donated by a boy. It was not enough, but God multiplied it abundantly.

God gives a greater ability to be generous. You will be enriched to be generous. God multiplies resources to further His kingdom. Generosity reflects God’s love, and is not about gaining material wealth for yourself, but to increase your ability to give. Giving helps people to thank God more and people who receive help are grateful. It is a joyful ministry of leading people toward Christ while meeting real needs. Giving is a public witness of the generosity and grace of God at work. Giving brings blessing and love to those in need. People feel loved when their real needs are met.

Giving brings God glory. It is more than just what is said about God’s infinite worth. It is how it is lived out. People will glorify God because your submission to give. When we understand the good news of God it creates in us a desire for generosity. Giving unifies believers. The people who are getting needs met become connected with the givers. If you sponsor a child in the Dominican Republic, a person in Phoenix Arizona is now connected to a child in the Dominican Republic. Even though you may never meet, you will provide real and necessary help to the Glory of God.