When You're Hurting - A Song from Pastor Ian


I am so grateful for this song!

Ian, my partner in ministry and our worship pastor, took a real life story from my family’s own foster care experience, wrote a song based on it, and performed it live on Saturday to more than 200 people.

It was a truly a touching moment for us all who were present. I had not heard this song until that moment. It blessed us all. Although the recording posted here is rough, it’s a real story of a beautiful little two year old girl that we foster - and that our whole church family supports. She came to us afraid, sacred, and slow to let us into her world. Over time, as so many have loved and cared for her, she has blossomed into an outgoing and sweet little girl who loves to be loved.




Love seems to change people. I think of Christ, and how his love changes so many hard, hurt people I have met over the years. This is the love of Christ, working through the church, that Ian sings about... He is the one that holds us, who is ever present, and will never abandon us...

In closing, I think this song is something that so many Christian’s need to hear; these foster kiddo’s are truly orphaned, they are left all alone! The police and CPS pick them up, and they are literally rescued out of a harmful environment.

While the government is helpful to create systems, plans, laws, and procedures to help these orphaned kids, the reality is, as Representative John Allen said at our event on Saturday: “The Government makes terrible parents”. He went on to say that these kids need loving homes, loving moms and dads, and that they need the church! Why? Because they don’t have someone there for them, to hold them, and to be there for them.

Might we as a church, be there for these Arizona kids. To find more on how to help, please visit www.cfcare.org or feel free to email Deanne Batorski to get involved on a limited basis. We have a support group that needs child care workers for a few hours once a month - In fact this sunday evening from 5:45-7:45pm, you can join us and help care for Arizona's orphans and foster kids...I will be there! If you can supervise and play with kids, come help!

Listen to Ian's Song here


Also, check out more info on our Foster/Adoptive Support Group here.


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What a beautiful song!

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