As A Man Thinketh So Is He?

Transformational Thinking

It is true that thoughts are very important because they can INFLUENCE and AFFECT reality, (i.e., one’s health, attitude, behavior, success or failure). They can also create the perceived SUBJECTIVE mental reality by how a person positively or negatively reacts to their surroundings or events, but they cannot create their own OBJECTIVE physical reality and control time and space, or matter or even people. That would make them co-equal with Jesus, which no human being is or ever could be.

 As a child, I longed to fly like a bird. I loved the comic character Superman because he could fly and walk through solid walls. One day, in my youthful enthusiasm and expectation, I became absolutely convinced I could fly so I wrapped one of my Moms’ skirts around my neck, climbed up on the roof of our house, and proceeded to “fly” off of it because I genuinely believed without a shadow of a doubt I could! That did not work out too well as the law of gravity chose a different path for me - straight down onto the ground below!

 Undeterred, I then decided to attempt to walk through a wall, just like Superman, by pushing my body against it and focusing my mind on getting me through. To my astonishment that did not work, but I was so confident in my mind that I could, I decided to make another attempt by running full speed down the hall and straight into the wall! Shortly after regaining consciousness I decided that I was not going to try that again!

When I was older, I studied and learned how to fly (this time in an airplane!) and became a licensed pilot. I still cannot walk through walls, however! No matter how hard I tried, I could not use my positive mental attitude and expectations to manifest into the physical universe. If thoughts or expectations could create reality, then I should have been able to fly off the roof and pass through the solid wall, and there also would not be any surprises in a person’s life.

A person that perceives they are a bird doesn’t change the reality that they are biologically human. In the same way, a person who perceives they are a ‘good Christian’ doesn’t make them Born-Again. That is something only God can do. Human beings do not have the mental power to physically or spiritually change things through their own thoughts.


To be continued...


Excerpts from the books “The Physiology of Faith - Fearfully And Wonderfully Made To Live And Prosper In Health” and “The Quantum Love Of God - Exploring The Multi-Dimensional Mysteries Of The Universe” by Craig A. Nelson