Prayer Guide for The Many Kinds of Mothers

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Day 5 - Prayer Guide for The Many Kinds of Mothers


"First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions,

and thanksgivings be made for all people."

I Timothy 2:1, ESV


The Apostle Paul told his protégée to pray for all kinds of people. Today, we are going to pray for all kinds of moms!  Before you pray, ask the Lord to bring people to your mind!


Heavenly Father,

I want to thank you for creating each mom with a unique combination of gifts and talents.

Thank you for the sacrifice and service they have provided for their children, for the late and long nights, caring and comforting their children. Fill them with your love and bless them in a special way today.

I especially pray for the single moms, who must lean on you for the fathering of their children. Strengthen them by your spirit today.

I also pray for the mothers who have never been able to bear children, but who have extended their care and love to others as if they were their own. Might you bless them and reward them for motherly love.

I pray as well for the spiritual mothers, the foster, adoptive mothers, or caregivers that have served in a motherly role to a child, would you encourage them today and bless their ministry of mothering.  Most of all, Lord, help me to honor my mother in memory, word, or deed. Help me to give thanks for giving birth to me, and making me into the person I am today! Help me to take all that is good and keep putting it into practice and let go of all that is bad! Thank you, God, for life today!


As the Lord brought people to your mind, please contact them and let them know you were praying for them today. Mom's need lot's of encouragement. When you pray, God answers. So many blessings in life come as a result of someone else sowing prayers into your life that will later bear fruit! Let them know you've prayed and watch to see what happens!

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